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Regardless of the quality of the product a manufacturer produces, inevitably a portion of the units sold will be returned by customers to the retailer. These returns must then be dealt with either through destruction at store, or by way of reverse flow back to the vendor. At Osirus we have the ability to assist manufacturers in managing the reverse flow of product from the retailer, helping them to verify and consolidate the returns in preparation for shipment back to the port of origin.

Osirus' reverse flow services include

  • Product Count and SKU Identification
    A visual inspection and count to verify that the product returned does indeed belong to the vendor, and that the number of units returned matches with the retailer’s count.
  • Product Function Test
    Basic testing of returned units to determine whether or not they are in working order.
  • Product Consolidation
    Products are skidded and stored until sufficient quantities are accumulated to justify a return to the port of origin.
  • Local Disposal of Defective Goods
    In instances where it does not make financial sense to have the defective goods shipped back to the port of origin, Osirus will assist the manufacturer in disposing of products locally.