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Osirus provides after-sales support to retailers and manufacturers of consumer durable products sold in North America. Our philosophy is that great after-sales service helps to build and maintain consumers’ trust in the products and brands that we support.

Our Services Include:

  • Contact center solutions for customer support and troubleshooting
  • Website and web store solutions designed to enable customer self-help
  • Repair depot facilities for product repair
  • Parts warehousing and shipping services
  • Returned goods management

Through our expertise in these areas we help our clients to reduce warranty claims, increase revenue, and improve product quality.

Our clients are some the world’s largest offshore consumer durable goods manufacturers, and key vendors to North America’s largest retailers. Osirus currently provides support for more than 200 individual products including, electric pressure washers, gas grills, air compressors, games tables, hot tubs, and vacuum cleaners.

Consumers Interact with the Contact Centers or Brand Portals