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Increasingly, consumers expect online product support as an alternative to contacting a call center. Not only does online support offer consumers convenient 24/7 access to product information, spare parts, and self-help troubleshooting, it also helps reduce support costs for vendors and retailers by diverting customers away from the call center, and increasing parts and accessories sales through a second channel.

In recent years, our clients have looked to us to help guide them through the transition from traditional customer call centre support, to the online world of downloads, online video, email support, live chat, and e-commerce. Osirus will help you provide online customer support and gain access to the growing e-commerce marketplace, without the burden of investment in the technology and human resources required to manage the channel.

Osirus' E-Business Solutions Include

  • Website/Web store design and development
  • E-commerce management
  • Customer self-help portals
  • Email support and live chat