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A well managed Call-Center, staffed with experienced agents is critical to the overall success of an effective after-sales service program because it is often the first point of contact for product support and warranty claims.

Our award-winning customer service agents are professional, knowledgeable and well-educated. Each agent is carefully screened and selected for specific skill sets which will allow him or her to excel in the consumer contact business.

Multilingual Support

We have access to a large pool of educated “accent neutral” Call-Center agents with English, French and Spanish language capabilities.

Thorough Training

Call-Center agents receive thorough and focused training on all of the products we support, which enables them to provide effective product support, reduce illegitimate warranty claims, and manage every call with confidence.

Customer Care is the Foundation of Our Business

Quality Assurance

A dedicated quality assurance process consisting of daily monitoring of our Call-Center agents’ performance ensures that all products receive a consistently high level of service.

100% Call Recording

Every single call that is handled by our Call-Center is recorded and stored for future reference if required.

Secondary Revenue Stream

In addition to providing customer support, the Osirus Call Center offers consumers easy access to complementary products and parts, providing you with additional revenue potential beyond the sale of the primary product to the retailer. Our service agents are experienced in the art of cross-selling and up-selling related products during inbound calls.