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Active Products > Electric Pressure Washers

Client Dilemma - A large importer and manufacturer of pressure washers, Active Products had been producing private label products for the Canadian marketplace for only a few years when they became the category leader in consumer electric pressure washers. Active Products’ rapid growth in the category, while great from a business development standpoint, presented many challenges in the area of after-sales support; Not only was Active Products faced with setting up a full-scale after-sales program in Canada for a large volume of pressure washers, they were dealing with a product category that is noted for having high return rates due to customer misunderstanding of product operation and performance.

How Osirus Helped > When Osirus was approached by Active Products we were immediately excited about the challenge a large scale after-sales program for the pressure washer category would present to us. In consult with Active’s product development team, our after-sales consultants developed a comprehensive program for five pressure washer SKU’s, including:

  • Access to a national repair depot network with fully trained technicians specializing in pressure washer repairs;
  • Reverse logistics back to China for defective units;
  • Parts, accessories, and replacement unit warehousing and fulfillment;
  • Call center set up, training and ongoing support

Success > During year-1 of the repair depot program, AP experienced a 13% reduction in product returns at the store level. Additionally, through the powerful reporting capabilities of Osirus, AP is now able to incorporate after-sales data into their product development cycle, allowing them to further refine product design, and ultimately improve the overall quality and usability of their products. Osirus continues to provide after-sales support the entire line of pressure washers sold in North America by Active Products, and now also supports Active’s line of air compressor and inflation products.

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